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The following fandoms and topics have overviews, or have been claimed and are pending the posting of an overview. If you do not see your pet fandom/topic listed here, and are interested in doing an overview, by all means please comment and tell me!

If you comment to claim your fandom/topics, then join the community. I cannot give you posting access if you do not belong to the community. :(


  • If you've signed up for a fandom overview, you need to join the community so I can give you posting access. Watching the community isn't enough--you have to join.

  • The main goal of these fandom overviews is to collect links to places on LJ that might be of interest to fans, to create a bouncing off point. How much other information you include is up to you. Feel free to check out other overviews for ideas on how to organize and format yours!

  • Please use this format for your overview subject line: Fandom: [Fandom Name]. This is for ease of reference. All overviews will be tagged and added to the Master List by the mod after they are posted.

  • You have six months to post your overview, which I think is more than enough time to get it done. I will list the date you claimed your fandom in the sign-up post, and once six months has passed with no overview posted, it will be given away to the first person who comes along and claims it.

  • We expect you to update your overview to add new communites/delete dead ones on a fairly regular basis. Please put the date last updated at the bottom of your post, both for your reference and mine. Overviews that have not been updated within a 12 month period will be assumed abandoned and offered up for grabs to the first taker.

  • Please post your overview here in the community rather than linking to it in your own journal. I'm not trying to make it harder for you, honest. I just want the info here in the comm in case you delete your journal (oh, like you haven't thought of flouncing off in a hissyfit at least once *g*).

  • It is up to you whether to include RPG, badfic, and real person communities in your overview. Personal preference of the overviewer reigns.

  • Please feel free to comment in this post with any questions or suggestions you have.

I normally update this post and grant posting access when I have enough requests to do them in a batch. If I don't get back to you right away, don't worry, I will!

Surrendered Fandoms:
These fandoms already have overviews but have been given up by their overviewers, so some of the work has already been done for you!

None yet!

Fandom Overviews
Psych on LJ by [personal profile] hermitsoul (claimed for DW 28 August 2010)
Sports Night on LJ by [personal profile] hermitsoul (claimed for DW 28 August 2010)

Other Fannish Topics

None yet!

Note: If you volunteer for an overview, you need to join the community so I can give you posting access. That's "join," not just "watch."

I will give you posting access when I reply to your comment and let you know to go ahead with your overview. If you are not a member of the community at that time, I can't give you access. /o\


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